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*price for a simple presentation page.

Web Design

A successful online presence starts with a good website design.


Before your website works for you, it must work for your visitors. And this is the simple premise that drives CC-WEBTECH web design services.

The Internet is more competitive than ever, so a website must incorporate visually appealing design elements, informative text, and appealing calls to action. These elements help it stand out and benefit in today's overcrowded online market.

Your website needs to inspire trust, be easy to navigate and work equally well on thousands of mobile devices, guiding visitors exactly where they want to go.


After clicking on a website within the first 2-3 seconds, visitors form their first impression of an entire company. So if the website looks outdated, buggy and doesn't work well on a smartphone, they'll think the company itself is just as old and somewhat sloppy.

Think about this:

Your website is a virtual employee that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is – literally – the online representative for your entire business. For this reason, you want to make sure it reflects the capability and modernity of your company, your services and your hardworking staff.

Would you want customers to deal with an employee wearing outdated and disheveled clothes? Clothing that doesn't reflect your company or all-important branding?


We help companies at every stage of their success

We offer web design services for small businesses, large businesses and everything in between. No matter what stage your business is at, we offer customized web design services and strategies to support your short-term goals and long-term vision. Whether it's a small edit, a simple update or a complete web design from scratch, we can help. Our approach is different from most – we want to be your partner, and our partnership starts with building a website that grows your business.

Your website is an investment in your success. In other words, our professional web design services provide an effective (and incredibly attractive) final product that is customized for your needs. We will also ensure that it is:


Your site? It looks clean, is easy to navigate, and is incredibly well organized. It's a professional website – built by professionals – for you, the obvious professional.

Our price policy is transparent after the discussion.

No surprises here. So, after we do our research, we'll provide pricing for each web design service needed to complete your project. Want an idea of how much your project might cost? Call us or press the contact button.

What do our web design services include?

Web pages:

We will design each page to convey your unique message. And these pages will be designed to reach, inform and capture your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a general term that incorporates digital strategies to improve your website's ranking for relevant search results.

We will follow SEO best practices to ensure your site is SEO ready. And these services will help you appear in Google search results, which helps to increase traffic to the site.

We ensure that websites follow SEO best practices before implementing an SEO strategy. This is the first step in ranking your website for relevant online searches.

A custom design:

Part of a modern website is its unique branding. Does it visually convey the unified colors, shapes and images that represent your company?

We realize that every business is different and therefore needs a website that expresses that difference. Whether we take special care to create a home page that builds trust or a web page that supports the benefits and authenticity of your products and services, we'll create a design that perfectly matches your ideas and industry.

Responsive Web Design (very important)


Responsive Design has never been more important (hence the title). Like it or not, most people – at least 52% – view your website on a mobile device. Your website must be able to conform to any mobile and portable device and it must do so for the sake of search engine optimization (SEO).

Google has moved to a "Mobile-First" index. In the past, Google looked at a website's usability and desktop functionality before ranking it in search results. Now, Google determines how to rank a website by viewing and crawling it through its mobile version.

If there are problems with functionality and usability – if it's hard to read on a mobile device with impossible-to-see buttons and menus – Google will actually penalize your site. It will push you to the bottom of the page or even to the page next, making it less visible to the target audience.

Because you have a chance to make a first impression, we make sure your website looks just as fantastic on smartphones and desktop computers.